Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Winners

Yep, you're looking at the Halloween costumes that earned wifey and I a cool $100! That's right folks, it actually pays to be white trash... if only pretend!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Study: US full of Internet Addicts

So I fit that profile exactly. So? SO?

From Breitbart News:

US full of Internet Addicts

The United States could be rife with Internet addicts as clinically ill as alcoholics, an unprecedented study released suggested.

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine in Silicon Valley said their telephone survey indicated more than one of every eight US residents showed at least one sign of "problematic Internet use."

The findings backed those of previous, less rigorous studies, according to Stanford.

Most disturbing was the discovery that some people hid their Internet surfing, or went online to cure foul moods in ways that mirrored alcoholics using booze, according to the study's lead author, Elias Aboujaoude.

"In a sense, they're using the Internet to self-medicate," Aboujaoude said. "And obviously something is wrong when people go out of their way to hide their Internet activity."

According to preliminary research, the typical Internet addict was a single, college-educated, white male in his 30s, who spends approximately 30 hours a week on non-essential computer use.

A "Clerical Error" - Suuure, Harry.

Harry Reid is starting to feel some of the same heat he's been dishing out to Republicans. I guess when a democrat breaks the law, it's a "clerical error" and not part of the "culture of corruption." Campaign fraud, non-disclosure of property sales from "friends." Maybe we should call him Harry "Duke" Reid?

Looks like democrats can add "hypocrisy" to their list of changes they plan on bringing to Washington. AP Reports:


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid paid cash for a $750,000 condo at the Ritz-Carlton where he lives. But when it comes to giving the doorman and other support staff Christmas bonuses, he's been using campaign donations instead of his own money.

Federal election law bars candidates from converting political donations for personal use.

Questioned about the campaign expenditures by The Associated Press, Reid's office said Monday his lawyers had approved them but he nonetheless was personally reimbursing his campaign for the $3,300 he had directed to the staff holiday fund at his residence.

Read entire story HERE

The Katie Couric Ratings Disaster

I can't make stuff like this up. From Drudge:

Monday, Oct. 16, 2006

WABC 7.1
WNBC 5.3
WCBS 3.7

KABC 5.9
KNBC 3.1
KCBS 1.5

NBC 9.3
ABC 7.8
CBS 2.5

Saturday, October 14, 2006

On our way back from picking pumpkins!

If you ever want to pick your own pumpkins, and I'm talking BIG pumpkins.. Then go south in VA. Wow!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Scary Movie" Creator Slams Dems with New Campaign Ad

From the creator of Airplane and Scary Movie, comes the political ad deemed “too hot” by the RNC. It’s extremely critical of the democrats, and it’s also extremely funny. Thanks Drudge!

Friday, October 06, 2006



Utah Game

Utah beat ranked TCU

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stuck in Chicago Again

The yellow ones are the delays and cancellations.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Going Out of Town Again!

Nowhere exotic this time, just heading to Salt Lake City to give a presentation on Hurricane Katrina to a large a conference. Will also spend some time with sister (and her new husband), cousins and friends. I'll be back in DC on Saturday. Fun times.

Expect pictures from the University of Utah game, Thursday night.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Drudge Decade

So, my man Matt Drudge, creator of the world famous Drudge Report, is finally getting the public accolades he deserves for his (literally) newsmaking website. I've always been amazed to see stories appear on Drudge, then find their way onto the front web pages of such power-news organziations as CNN and FOX News.

Excellent job, Matt! ABC News Reports:

In the crucial congressional elections, now about five weeks away, one of the strongest weapons in the Republican arsenal is a man running a Web site out of his apartment in Miami. His name is Matt Drudge.

Drudge broke the Monica Lewinsky story and has had a tremendous influence on what you know about politics ever since.

From the comfort of his apartment, Drudge can send shock waves through newsrooms and campaign headquarters nationwide with breaking news often heralded by his trademark siren.

"If Drudge has a siren up, people know it's something they have to look at," said Mark Halperin, ABC News Political Director.

Read ENTIRE Article.