Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Eyelid Twitch

So I'm having one of those phenomenal moments, where you're working hard but it doesn't seem that bad since you will be getting off early to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday... but of course I can't enjoy it as much as the next guy because I have an eyelid twitch that won't go away. It's been twitching for a week now (my upper left lid), and I'm about read to surgically remove it myself!

Other than that, the weather is crappy and I feel like I have a hangover caused by eating too many spicy chicken wings last night. I was up at 3am hovering over the toilet feeling ready to vomit. It never happened, and I lost an hour of sleep for nothing other than my adventure in gluttony hours before.

I just hope it doesn't affect my Thanksgiving eating abilities.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"Who am I and where am I going?"

Often used by philosophers, poets and intellectuals, the aforementioned phrase best describes what I hope to communicate with this blog.

For those of you who know me, obviously the "who" part of the question has an answer. For those of you who don’t, "I" am a conservative thinker who comes from a close familial and religious background. Often letting my inquisitive and mischievous nature get the best of me, I have experienced many amazing (and more than my share of not-so-amazing) things which have shaped and molded me into the person I am today. Conversely, those not-so-amazing moments served to shape and refine me into someone that I can be proud of. I am confident in myself, who I am and in what I believe.

The "where am I going" part of the question should confuse no one with regard to who I am. I am a forward thinker, a pragmatist (if the end result falls within my principles), who believes that man is capable of much more than he has been demonstrating. My views of the future, while as altruistic and vivid as any science fiction or Star Trek fan, are a bit different from most similar-minded views - in that my future has mankind achieving his greatest potential through Jesus Christ, our Savior, and adherence to His laws. I say this because I have been down both roads, have argued for and against, and have subsequently learned that His was is the best way.

While this website won't be a complete window into my life, it should provide an insight into why I do the things that I do - or at least provide me with an answer to that question!

Feel free to comment all you wish.