Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why "Invasion" Should be Canceled

OK, I'm a science fiction fan. I'll admit it. I like Star Trek, Star Wars, Close Encounters... the works. And as all sci-fi fans will agree, invasion-type stories of hostile aliens coming to Earth for blood, glory or property (be it land or bodies) are a staple of the trade. But the new ABC series, "Invasion," needs to cut the crap and move to weekday afternoons between "One Life to Live" and "Days of Our Lives." Why? Because it's a gosh-dang soap opera.

Now, I don't just write about every show that ticks me off. Just the ones to which I find myself hooked with no hope of ever producing a coherent story. "Invasion" is one of those shows (I know, you guessed it). I am tired of watching week after week for a story to come together.

Oh sure, they drop tidbits and hints now and again. But you would have to watch 2 years worth of this sappy show just to get as much "coolness" as William Shatner was able to deliver in one hour. It's ridiculous. Television cancels a great sci-fi show (Enterprise) only to replace it with a pseudo-fi soap opera. And, "EBEs"???? Who are they kidding. Just call it an "E.T." for crying out loud.

This show has no worthwhile thread. Every intriguing character or subplot disappears with the end of that particular episode. I watch it every night hoping it will present something new. Maybe a fun concept that hasn't been tried in sci-fi before. That's what gets us nerds going. But I promise you. If ABC keeps this crap up, this show won't last another year. People want to see cool stuff, dang it. If the network can't provide it with "Invasion," they should cancel it and move on to another stupid idea. That network is full of them.

So, see you next week as I boycott the show by watching it and then complaining about it once again. Man, I'm hopeless.

Oh, and I hate William Fichtner (pictured).

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