Friday, December 23, 2005

Worst Rental Car Ever!

American cars are horrible. I swear they let 10 year olds design the exterior and retards design the interior. Total worthless crap.

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Paul Brown said...

Sorry Dan, but I work on the worst built cars ever. Japanease cars. They cost more to buy and they cost more to maintain. Todays "American" cars are just as reliable as "Asian", or even "European" cars are. If you research it, "American" cars contain parts made in other countries and visa-versa. For example, the Dodge Stratus has the EXACT interior and drivetrain as the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Another one is the Ford Explorer. It contains an engine and tranmission that are designed and built in Germany. By the way, Some cities across the country use that same vehicle for their police forces. :)