Tuesday, January 03, 2006

An Open Letter to Washington DC Metro


I didn't wake up early today so that I could get a decent parking space in your overcrowded Metro station parking garage and then walk through the rain only to wait for 20 minutes on an overcrowded train platform to wait for a promised ride that never arrived.

I didn't plan on being 30 minutes late for work because I had to go back into your overcrowded garage so that I could get my car, sit in traffic and drive to work so that I could then pay $15 for parking 3 blocks from my office.

I don't appreciate being told over your loudspeakers that the "Orange Line is Running Late" when clearly it wasn't running at all. I don't appreciate telling my boss the reasons why I'm late only to have him say, "I never got any Metro alerts via email." That makes me look like a liar.

I think that your organization stinks.


PS - Please open additional stations along the Orange line that will only result in more sardine-like riding conditions on your overly-crowded-with-big-chairs trains. That would be money.

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Becky said...

AMEN - sardines suck. I thought about taking a cab to work since I don't exactly know how to drive here yet. But that would mean they WON! And they will not win. I'm going to buy that embalmers stuff to block smells, though, so I don't have to smell stinky pits on my morning commute.