Sunday, February 12, 2006

Feeling Better and Now... SNOW!

Well, after nearly a week of having my ears plugged up (which literally almost drove me to the edge) and seeing numerous doctors... I have been cured by the modern miracle of antibiotics! Amoxicillin-Augmentin to be exact (the same stuff they use against the flesh-eating bacteria). So now, this fine and snowy Sunday, I can equalize the pressure in my ears... although still with a degree of difficulty. Things are good.

My wife is back from Quebec, where she learned how to make crepes. So now I'm full of Canadian syrup and a half dozen crepes while she's out in the living room watching episode after episode of "24," to which she's addicted.

Church was canceled this morning due to snow, our car is buried under a foot of the stuff, and there is nothing to do. Oh well, I suppose I can leave you with a few pictures.

Our Buried Car

The Street



Adrian Shaner said...

No way! Saturday, after we had Kabobs on Friday night, I got sick too and was in bed for a week. Except instead of my ears it was my eyes that went crazy. They thought I had pink eye but it wasn’t that after all then I had to go to an eye doctor who said I had Iritis, which apparently is an autoimmune problem. I finally went back to work on Monday but I still have to go see another eye doctor on Thursday because my left eye is dilated from the drugs they gave me and it won't focus. I think the Kabob Palace has finally weaponized a virus and are distributing it via their tasty meat sticks.

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