Friday, February 24, 2006


NOTE: If you're looking for my "plugged ears" post, scroll further down the page.

After leaving the following as a comment on a friend's blog, I've decided to post it here for all to enjoy!

Wonderful and exciting, Metrogerms fill me with great pride. Oh yes, I get 'em all the time! That's why it's a foregone conclusion that my recent 4 (yes, FOUR) bouts with colds and flus in as many months are not due to an immuno-compromising disease, nor are they the result of some hidden germ warfare project being conducted in the Washington DC area. No, my problems are coming from a far more fetid, insidious source - the DC Metro system.

I've turned into quite the Howard Hughes since traveling underground on a daily basis to get to and from work. It's a horrible, nasty place below the earth. The depths are best left to the worms and Satan, not to newlywed commuters like me.

If this keeps up, I'll be wearing plastic bags on my hands by 2007.

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becky said...

You speak the sad, disgusting truth...I've been unreasonably ill this year, too, including a nasty bout with a violent stomach flu for no apparent reason. They should require hazmat suits on the Metro. Or at least drown the trains in bleach baths every night.