Tuesday, May 02, 2006

To "Anonymous"

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for hiding behind anonymity when trashing the views expressed on my site. It really speaks volumes to your character. I always find that people lurking in the shadows have some of the most well-rounded views.

You claim to be tolerant, yet you trash my opinions while expecting the world to accept yours. You call me ignorant, while you don't back up any of your sarcasm with anything intelligent. If I'm proving "how wrong [you] are," then I have done a service to the world.

This is a blog - meaning, it's a collection of my thoughts and humor. If you don't agree with it, start your own blog. You can make it as friendly to gays, criminals, child molesters and liberals as you want! And guess what... if I disagree with you... I'll have the guts to actually back up my comments with a name.

Thanks for visiting though. I'm sure your anonymous comments left you feeling great about yourself. I mean, that's what you lefties do, right? You tell people how tolerant you are as long as it fits in with your warped views on life. Heaven help the people who disagree with you - those people can't be anything more than old-fashioned racists, bigots and homophobes.

Wow. Thanks for opening my eyes, Anonymous.



Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm a republican who thinks that women can actually be pilots and that plenty of clean, normal, hardworking people take the metro to work. And most of all, I think that religious zealots like you give a bad name to a great party. You act like you love Ronald Reagan, but if he could read some of your posts he'd shake is head in disgust

Dan said...

The ignorance continues.

I never said women can't be pilots. Can you show me an example, please?

If you're getting bent out of shape because of my metro comments, you're in worse mental shape than I thought and have bigger things to worry about.

And, I'm a religious zealot, eh? That's a good one. What, because I don't like to see historical churches taken over by the gay political agenda? Wow, you've got your head so far up your own backside I truly wonder why you even bother making comments at all.

Finally, you honestly think Ronald Reagan would shake his head? Do you know ANYTHING about the man? Reagan was a self-described religious zealot, opposed the gay political agenda and had nothing but contempt for republicans who bash other republicans.

You've publically proved yourself to be an idiot. Thank you for doing more to discredit yourself than I could ever have done!

Anonymous said...

My favorite line in anonymous' comments:
"...plenty of clean, normal, hardworking people take the metro to work."

Hmmm...insightful! I was under the impression, after reading this blog, that only dirty, wierd, lazy people take the metro. Thanks for clearing that up.

I guess I should delete all of my postings about the metro - wouldn't want to give any of those people a bad name.

Maybe I should delete ALL of my postings if all blogs are policed like this!