Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Devil's Day! 6-6-6

People seem to be making the biggest deal about today being 6-6-6. Armageddon's coming, they say. And while that may be true (sometime), it certainly doesn't have anything to do with today's date. They seem to be forgetting the fact that we've seen twenty-one such dates since Christ was born. All of them seem to have passed without a hitch.

Others are taking today's numerical lineup in stride. Residents in Hell, Michigan are even throwing a citywide party to celebrate the date.

Remember the fun we had predicting doom for Y2K? What a bust that turned out to be. Well, the parties were fun, at least. Maybe the folks in Hell (Michigan, that is) have it right. Don't worry about an alignment of numerals, instead, why not party like it's 1999?


Pagan Marbury said...

Our calendar is off by four years, so if the date was going to be significant, it would have happened four years ago.

Marc said...

Of buy four years what does that mean? numbers in terms of dates will only have importance that is given to them. If you mean it is of buy four years in relation to christs birthdate. Well it was only people in the fifst place who decided to make that date zero hour.