Friday, June 02, 2006

June is Here!

Well, at least after my trip to the beach last week I'm going into the summer with a tan! But I still can't believe June is already upon us. It's my favorite month because it marks the beginning of summer without really being summer (not until the 21st anyway). So, from this point we have the longest possible time of good weather. Yeah, we get a few nice days in April and May, but they're generally unpredictable.

And now that summer is nearly here, the REAL countdown begins which gives me mixed feelings about the months ahead. See, my wife and I got tickets to Playa del Carmen, Mexico (50 miles south of Cancun) for September. So, while I want that trip to get here as soon as possible, September also marks the end of summer. So, I'm torn about how quickly (or slowly) I want the time to pass.

I guess I'll just forget about all of it for now and concentrate on having a great weekend!


Pagan Marbury said...

Which beach?

Dan said...

If you're referring to Mexico, then the beach is Playa del Carmen (if they get more specific than that, I don't know about it). If you're talking about my OBX pics below, then the beach was Ocean Sands and Whalehead (Corolla).