Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday by the Pool

Since I have a new BlackBerry and tend to carry my personal cellphone around with me less often, I don't have a camera by which to capture fine moments during the day as I experience them. Otherwise, I would have taken a picture of myself laying by the pool, soaking up the sun while everyone one else in the city worked.

Sometimes, working for a non-profit has its rewards. Every-other Friday off during the summer is one of them!

But now that the clouds are out, I have continued my obsession behind the computer. No, not that. I just bought a new mp3 player, the Creative Zen Vision: M (long name, I know). But man, this thing is AWESOME. My obsession has been getting all of my mp3's and CD's onto this thing using Microsoft's new Windows Media Player 11, which is the first product by MS that is better than Apple (in this case, their iTunes software).

My problem is that my Zen is only 30gb. So, I have been trying to catalogue my songs for the first time so that I can fit what I want on the device. Up until this purchase, my close to 10,000 songs have been residing in individual folders I created within Windows. Unfortunately, most music players won't recognize Windows file structures and more importantly, filenames, which means I have to update almost all of my songs individually to ensure they're catagorized correctly. UGH. Oh yeah, did I mention that I was a total nerd?

My poor wife has been neglected for 3 days while I've been agonizing over this effort. Lucky for her, I'm almost done. Grrr, baby. :)

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