Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where Would You Live?

My wife recently sent an email to our family listserve asking this question. Where would I want to live, given the choice of anywhere on the planet? Even though it's a bit sappy, I'm going to post my answer below. Maybe it will give some of you insight into who I am!

Such a deep question!
I have had the fortune of living in many places during my life (East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West, Europe) and I can honestly say that each area has something I couldn't live without.
The west coast has the best weather, hands down. Where else can someone ski in the morning, and relax on the seashore in the afternoon? 75 degrees on Christmas Day, and 75 degrees on the 4th of July give the southwest a special place in my heart. However, the beaches, sun and friendly population of the entire coastline make the west one of my favorite places.
The east coast has all of the action one could hope for. With huge mega-cities and a beautiful, historical landscape, one can be kept busy for years just learning about what each area has to offer. While the people can be a bit harsh, the center of activity, political, economic and social - particularly here in Washington, DC - make this one of my favorite places.
The mid-west, with it's welcoming neighborhoods and down to earth lifestyle makes for a good place to raise a family. Chicago in particular is a big city with a small-town appeal. The people from the Midwest are the most loyal of friends. Even though the winters are terrible and the summers are harsh, the mid-west is one of my favorite places because of the good food, good living and good distance to the other places I love.
Europe, with its rich history, sleepy villages and breathtaking landscapes will make anyone want to stay. The people vary in personality along with the borders and scenery. Most of the continent looks as it did 200 years ago, while the urban centers are the lifeblood of a vibrant and rich culture. You can visit one city in Europe and get a taste of many other cities on the globe. The complexity of its cities and populations make Europe one of my favorite places.
Deserving special mention is Utah. While I only spent a minimal amount of time living in the state (St. George), I came to appreciate the spirit that dwells there. And for a rebellious teen like me, that was a much needed commodity with which I could immerse myself. It's no accident that such a wonderful spirit dwells in such a geographically beautiful place. The mountains, deserts and lakes give Utah enough diversity to make it one of my favorite places and will continue to make it a draw throughout my life.
But do I have an all-time favorite place? Somewhere to which I would retire with my family and disappear from the daily grind? No. Why? Because for any place I could live, I would be leaving something else behind. No one place has it all. So, forgive me as I wax corny for a moment and say that my very favorite place is wherever my wife & best friend is. She has a way of making anyplace I go seem like it is the best place on earth. Silly sounding? I know. True? Absolutely.

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Chris and Becky Wickstrom said...

A resounding A--Men. My thoughts exactly (well, almost since I've never been to Europe. :)). When all is said and done, it's who you're with not where (unless we're talking post-mortum). As long as you're with the ones you love, you're home.

Ok, cue corny "Mormon ad" music.