Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What Could Have Been...

Today, August 16, was the day terrorists were plotting to destroy 10 planes enroute from the UK to the US (more information HERE). Luckily, through solid effort on behalf of the US, British and Pakistani governments, the plot (which would have rivaled 9/11 in terms of casualties) was foiled. Can you iamgine how different our lives would have been from this point forward had the terrorists succeeded?

It's humbling to consider what an alternate reality would have looked like if we had been interrupted mid-day with the news that thousands of people had been blown up, simultaneously, over various parts of the Atlantic Ocean and US mainland. Instead of reading about THIS flight, which was safely diverted today due to an unruly passenger, we could have been reading about that very same flight in terms of losses of life, position of the aircraft at time of explosion and who in the world did it. Not to mention the other 9 planes that would have suffered a similar fate.

So, allow me to express some thanks to our President, Department of Homeland Security and intelligence network for helping the British stop this plot before it happened. This is precisely the reason why fighting terror is hard. It's hard to give credit where it is due, and easier to point fingers once the damage has been done. I'd say, the programs we have in place (so far) are working. Let's not screw things up by putting people into office who would take away the very tools that have effectively kept this country safe for the past 5 years.

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