Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gotta Go Potty, Do Ya Katie?

Far from wanting to play into the CBS ratings trap last night, I instead turned on the news this morning to find images of Katie, perched atop some kind of ledge, delivering a horrible intro whilst wearing a "does this make me look fat?" white top and generally looking like she needed to tinkle.

What's that Katie, you have to go potty? Aw, you're such a big girl.

It amazes me that people call her a role model for women. What kind of women? With all of the botox, nips, tucks and slimmed down images Ms. Couric has, my guess would be that she would only serve as a role model for the insecure, vain and misguided. Surely there are better female role models who relied on their wits, intelligence and education to make an impression that would serve as a better role model. Margaret Thatcher comes to mind. Oh wait, she's conservative, and therefore doesn't count in the mainstream press. In that case, it doesn't surprise me that Katie has such appeal. Gag.

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