Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Marion Barry Arrested. Again.

The crack-smoking former mayor of Washington, DC was arrested this weekend for driving on a suspended license. He claims it was a "clerical error," and now wants monetary damages for being "inconvenienced" by the Park Police who arrested him. Sure, Barry, we'll recompense you after you pay the city back for the trial that sent you to prison, inconveniencing a major American city (the nation's capital, by the way) and all of its citizens for smoking crack while you were on the job.

Barry said the incident took several hours to work out and he was humiliated and severely inconvenienced. He said he wasn't able to drive all weekend due to a mistake by the D.C. government.
Waaaaaah! Please. Clerical error or no, when you're driving on a suspended license, you get busted. That's the law - something Barry obviously has zero respect for. Fix it and move on. Life is full of inconveniences... Like having to explain to family members why my former mayor was a crackhead, got busted, did time and then got reelected to the City Council.

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