Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nancy Pelosi: Hypocrite & Liar

My wife, who wants to be a stay-at-home mom and generally shares the same ideology as I do, sent me this article about Nancy Pelosi. She was impressed by Nancy, version 1.0 the "role model" while simultaneously being repelled by version 2.0 and her current politics. I was taken aback by the fact that my wife was so easily wooed by a biased, liberal media. The real Nancy Pelosi is a much different woman than the mainstream media has been making her out to be lately. Despite what she did in her "early years," Nancy Pelosi is now an enormous threat to the traditional family values she is currently capitalizing on to win support.

The email to my wife went something like this:

Yes, she may have been a great role model once... but we can’t forget that she now espouses ideals that encourage the breakup of the family. This is what is ticking me off about this whole thing. She is a die-hard liberal… an activist at heart. She is a San Francisco democrat (generally the most liberal of all) and for the past 20 years has been a champion of causes that would make traditional, conservative women throw-up. The press has been focusing on her past as a stay-at-home mom like it should be heralded as the greatest thing since plastic, while the same press continues to look down upon modern women who choose to stay-at-home. All the while, Pelosi supports gay marriage, the promotion of “independent women’s rights” – which is a euphemism for women who want to have kids without a father – and other agendas such as abortion (even late-term abortion) and the legalization of drugs.

She’s a hypocrite who uses traditional American values when it suits her, but who in reality loathes those values she currently claims to represent. Yeah, great woman.
But bless my poor wife for having to put up with my crap on a daily basis. If there's truly a role model in the world, then I nominate my wonderful wife who wants to pursue the ultimate role - raising a family at home! She is truly an amazing woman!


Jenny said...

yes, g-d bless your poor wife. i will pray for her.

Dan said...

This exactly what I'm talking about. You'll "pray" for her. As if she's in this horrible situation because she wants to stay home and raise a family at some point (by the way, and for the record, she is currently working at one of the largest companies in corporate America and has a respectable career).

Or is your concern related to the fact that I express my opinions openly with my wife?

I say, "bless my poor wife" not because she doesn't have opinions of her own, but because she has to put up with her politically active husband and his ramblings.

I'm afraid my post will be viewed by many dimwits as a misogynistic attempt to stifle my wife's thought. Much in the same way Pelosi and the liberals treat any opinion that differs from their own. But that's called being "open minded." Good grief.

darth.mexico said...


BSG said...

Also, Dan, why the contempt for you and your wife? After all, wasn't Pelosi a stay-at-home mom -- and proudly so?

Conservative Dad said...

We all need to protect our kids from the wolf in sheep's clothing. Thanks for helping sound the alert. Thanks for the fodder for my nightly post on redstatekids.

t(h)om said...

pelosi grew up italian-american catholic in baltimore. that's about as family values as you can get, pal.
and as a liberal italian-american catholic, i take great offense at your disparaging remarks about Nancy, her being one of MY kind.

this "san-fran lib crap" is just your nonsense you got from the conservative-biased media. give it a rest, and stop repeating everything you hear from Bill and Rush.

and despite your protestations, you do sound like a misogynist. a condescending, arrogant misogynist.

Dan said...

Sorry dude. Just being Italian-Catholic (oh, and from Baltimore) doesn't automatically make you a poster-child for family values. And as for your taking offense, I would say to simply get over it.

I don't listen to Rush and your use of the term "conservative-biased-media" is laughable (as if there was such a thing). I use the term San Francisco liberal because of my own observations. She is a San Francisco liberal. No one with half a brain needs to be told that. It's apparent in her actions and admissions.

Your rhetoric is empty, and your hollow attempts at calling me a misogynist further lend weight to the notion that you're hopelessly wrong.

In fact, your whole comment leaves me with the impression that you just don't know what the heck you're talking about.

Thanks for playing, though.

octavio said...

so if nancy pelosi brought up a family, do you really think she's against families?
if independent single women have a child without a father, does that stop your wife from being a stay-at-home mom? if gays are married does that do something to your marriage or family?
i don't get it.
about the only anti-family stuff i'm reading it's from wingnuts like yourself who want to have a say in what other families other than your own do.

Derbecker said...

"She’s a hypocrite who uses traditional American values when it suits her, but who in reality loathes those values she currently claims to represent."

Just curious...she hasn't filed for divorce from a recovering cancer patient, has she? I seem to remember some other values-oriented type pulling that particular move, but the rest gets fuzzy...

Dan said...

Being brought up in a family is no qualification for guaranteed protection of that family. All of us were born, yet people commit crimes against their families every day. The problem with Pelosi, is that she believes the harm she's causing is for society's benefit - which is even more insidious and dangerous.

And yes, if gays marry and people are allowed to basically do whatever they feel like without regard for consequence, then yes, that affects my family. It affects the world in which my children will be raised, and I have every right to do everything I can to try to change that. Just as Pelosi has the right to ruin it.

Wingnuts like me, eh? So, what you're doing is for the benefit of mankind? Leaving comments on a personal blog so that you can continue to feel morally superior to those YOU disagree with? Please, I'm sure even someone as dimwitted as Ted Kennedy can surely see the irony there.

Dan said...

Derbecker, I never said that there aren't horrible people in the world. There are plenty - both conservative and liberal. But I'm not blogging about Joe Everyman. I'm blogging about the fact that Pelosi is advertising to be something she isn't - a woman committed to mainstream American ideals. That's false advertising.

Derbecker said...

Fair enough. With all due respoect, I don't agree with your assessment of Pelosi (I'm convinced that there are worse false-advertisers than her), but one could ping-pong examples of hypocricy in politics all day.

Canadian observer, btw. Everything I know about US politics I've learned from Doonesbury and The National Review (fond of contrasts).

Dan said...

I'm happy to have Canadian observers here! Just got back from seeing one of your countrymen, Mark Steyn. :)

Yes, there are worse examples... but she just happened to be the one in my sights yesterday. Plus, she's the 3rd in line to the Presidency.

Thanks for coming back to follow-up! I appreciate that.

d. earl griffin said...

"I'm blogging about the fact that Pelosi is advertising to be something she isn't - a woman committed to mainstream American ideals. That's false advertising."

Um, how is she not commited to mainstream American ideals? Most people in this country support "independent women's rights" and keeping abortion legal, and legalizing gay marriage and drugs aren't fringe positions. They are openly supported by a huge section of "mainstream America". Just because YOU don't like an idea doesn't mean it isn't mainstream.

I still don't get how allowing people to run their own lives threatens your family. The only difference it makes whether or not gay people can get married and publically acknowledge their commitment to one another is that it will make it harder to pass on your bigotry to your kids when they can see real life examples of gay people instead of whatever deranged version of homosexuals you would rather them believe in.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi Succeed To Write Her Name Into Olympic History, With Her HUGE Hypocrisy

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On March 14, 2008

Hundreds of people came out at Lhasa, Tibet. Suddenly, these people act brutally, throwing stones, set up fire on houses, stores, vehicles, and hitting people.

These coordinated brutal attackers are demanding a free Tibet from China. Only in a couple of hours, Tibet is on fire. Rescue forces and policemen are unable to control these rioters.

Less than 100 people or maybe more died before the security forces succeed to control the chaos. Among the victims are an 8 month-old-baby and 4 girls working as shopkeepers, who were burnt to death.

On March 21, 2008 ( 07 DAYS LATER )

Nancy Pelosi, a US House Speaker rush to meet the spiritual leader of Tibet, Dalai Lama, who was accused by China as the planner of the brutal attack. There, Pelosi gave Dalai Lama a moral support, and condemn China who used forces to control the situation.

Then to provoke the world peaceful community, in front of a crowd of thousands Tibetans including monks and schoolchildren, Nancy Pelosi said "If freedom loving people throughout the world do not speak out against China's oppression in Tibet, we have lost all moral authority to speak on behalf of human rights anywhere in the world".

Most of media all over the world quickly quoted what she said, exactly the way she has planned. Many western media found that they have no other option than to bias the truth about the Tibet chaos, in order to make it suitable with Pelosi's statement. Some of them even cut part of the image to mislead public, some used the real picture with mislead information, some even use videos taken from Nepal to mislead the truth.

Several foreigners touring at Tibet when the chaos happened has turn out their voice about media bias, urging people to see the whole picture. But their voice has been turned down by many media, leaving only small room for them.

On March 23, 2008 ( 02 DAYS LATER )

Four US soldiers died by a roadside bomb in Baghdad, making the death toll 4000 since Iraq war. Meanwhile, a British agency estimated that about one million civilians has been died since the war. Mr. Bush quickly show up and offer condolences to the troops family. Nancy Pelosi didn't even show up. She didn't even speak out about human rights in Iraq. She doesn't even send any condolences.

People across the world, including those freedom loving people in America, who expects her to take her huge part to stop Iraq war, are very disappointed. She doesn't even do something significant at the fifth anniversary of Iraq war at March 20, 2008.

Many people are shocked with her HUGE hypocrisy, when they compare what Pelosi rush to do in Tibet chaos and Iraq war. Facing 4000 deaths on her own side and about one millions civilian death in Iraq, the human-right-police should said something like "If freedom loving people throughout the world do not speak out against Iraq war, we have lost all moral authority to speak on behalf of human rights anywhere in the world".

Nancy Pelosi has succeed to write her name in Olympic history, with her HUGE hypocrisy. Meanwhile, China will be recorded in the history who try to do the best to hold the Olympic Games. What makes difference is one get respect, the others don't.

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Do the Chinese media as the victim has the courage to publish this article ? Do the western un-censored media has the courage to publish this article ? We will see in the few days.

To conclude the whole article, I found the best quotation at a Hollywood film, starred by Bruce Willis, "Tears of the Sun". Here is the quotation "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

Anonymous said...

Being from the San Francisco Bay
area and nearly Pelosi's age, I
can say with confidence Pelosi is
a phony just like all the others I
grew up with and the reason I moved
to Montana after more than 50 years. Fake smile (real smiles don't last that long), fake religion; Catholics don't support abortion per the Pope and San Fran values are based upon selfish, feel goodness. The American people are just a means to their own ends. SAD! Wake up people, SOON!!

Anonymous said...

She was just on television - she is so obviously in a mess it is obvious she lies. She is stuttering = hey what comes around goes around. She is so obviously going to have to resign. Accusing the CIA of not telling the truth. HA HA watch her be kicked out by her own party. She is bringing the Democrats down, and well, they are not going to put up with her anymore. Bye Bye Nancy - LOL. Hey Nancy - ‘what comes around goes around’……your big mouth has buried you!