Friday, February 02, 2007

Manifest Homo Aquaticus

It was ideas like this that made the 20th century a great one for Americans. I mean, who wouldn't want to live under the sea and breath water through a set of genetically engineered lungs? Or travel to the moon for spring break? I know I would. But while my dreams of becoming a hybrid-Poseidon freakshow may not come to fruition, living under the sea - at least temporarily (in a hotel) will soon be within my reach.

Dubai, these days the capital of everything that seems bigger than life, is set to launch an underwater dreamworld luxury hotel - complete with missiles to fight off evil terrorists! Tell me who wouldn't want to fork over a G or two to spend the night in a place like this?

Billed as the world's first underwater hotel, the Hydropolis will be located, if all goes according to plan, 60 feet below sea level and cost $1,500 a night. Among other amenities, the Hydropolis will also feature a missile defense system to guard against terrorists, a shopping mall, and three bars.
The real question, however, is this: why doesn't America dare to be great anymore? Is it because we're too afraid of lawsuits, white-man's guilt or offending those who might disagree with our grand vision of the future? When did we stop becoming a nation of dreamers? It seems that we're too busy creating a nanny-state like the old nations of Europe, where the government controls everything and the citizens worry about their pensions more than they worry about making the world a better place for their children (and in the process, suck those same children dry through the high taxes necessary to support their increasing pensions) for us to have any time for imagination.

When did we outsource national pride to third world nations because we became too embarrassed by our own successes? Is the nation where anything was possible - even a "homo aquaticus" - instead building a future for homo ignoramus? Or, homo entitleus? Only time will tell. But from the looks of things, we're being sold out bit by bit. With comments like this, we shouldn't be surprised to see others take the dreams from us... and run with them.

I guess I'll just go hide myself 20,000 leagues under the sea and hope it all gets better. After all, the new American spirit seems to be: "Someone else will do it for me."

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