Thursday, February 15, 2007

Will Work for Blood

I thought I had seen it all. Kinkiness I can understand, but blood drinking? Man, what did this guy expect having relations with a transient? "Yes, I'll have the rest of that donut, a couple bucks, a brown paper bag... oh, and a pint of your blood." Bums.

The victim, 45, and Sutton, 23, were lying in bed naked at early Wednesday when Sutton asked if he wanted to be tied up and he consented, police said.

But that's when Sutton reportedly pulled out a knife and cut the victim's leg, police said.

Sutton reportedly told him that she "likes to drink blood" and made several cuts to his upper body, police said.

He also said Sutton drank a "little bit" of his blood, police said.

He was able to break free, run out of his home, but Sutton reportedly followed with a pickaxe, police said.

The victim passed out before his friend found him covered in blood called the police, police said.
Read Arizona Republic article HERE.

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