Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Love Pop-Tarts

When I was 14 years old delivering newspapers, one of the first things I bought with my own money was a box Pop-Tarts (after buying a Nintendo machine, of course). My parents never bought them when I was younger (something about them not being healthy), so they ended up being a trophy to my independence, of sorts, when I was able to rely on my own income (I use the term "rely" very loosely).

To this day, 19 years later (you do the math), I still have a soft spot for the vaunted toasted pastry. If I need a sugar fix, I'll turn to the pop-tart. If I see them in a vending machine, I'll buy them. They satisfy a certain craving like nothing else can (except maybe crack, but I've never tried that). And what's more, a box of 8 tarts hasn't gone up in price much since I was a paperboy (now that's saying something).

But the best thing about Pop-Tarts is that they haven't sold-out in taste like so many of my other favorites have done over the years. Have you tried Trix lately? It tastes like cardboard. It used to taste like heaven. Same with Apple Jacks. Nasty (however, in defense of sugar-cereals, I have to say that Cookie Crisp has maintained it's appeal and taste, but that's for another blog post).

I write this because I am enjoying a frosted strawberry Pop-Tart at this very moment. And while my fat cells may also be expanding at this very moment, my brain is enjoying a burst of pleasure-inducing dopamine from this wonderful experience that has prompted me to out my love... My love for the Tart.


becky said...

Wow...just wow. You need to get out of my brain, because if I was writing about my love for pop tarts, it might read like this. Althought I was never a paper boy, or a boy of any sort for that matter. Details...details.

P.S. French Toast Crunch is heaven in a bowl!

sunchaser said...

Mmmmm... dopamine :)

An internist told me that he'd read or heard something scary about the manufacturing of pop tarts, and that he wouldn't eat them anymore, but I never found out precisely what it was.

Dan said...

Well, for me it's like eating hot dogs. I know bloody well what goes into those things (lips, tails, and, umm... never mind), but they taste so stinkin' good. I won't stop eating them.

As for Pop-Tarts, any ingredient short of rat eyeballs is OK by me (and maybe even with rat eyeballs, as long as they're clean). They taste that good. Pop-Tarts, not rat eyes.