Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Lunacy of Animal Rights Activism

OK... eating a dog somehow saves a fox. How does that work, exactly?

So the Queen's husband beat a fox to death on a fox hunt. So what. What about the poor, small furry things that the foxes maul and kill every day? Who will eat a dog for them?

This is sheer insanity. Serenity now!!!


ardeth01 said...

There's a real easy answer to the question you pose. Foxes do it for survival, Prince Philip and company do it for sport. Any other dumb questions? BTW, the dog that was eaten died at a puppy mill, probably from being bred to exhaustion, so the artist also made a statement about the horrors of puppy mills at the same time.

Dan said...

Why should I feel bad for these foxes that are killed for sport when human babies are killed for convenience? I suppose I should go out and eat a fetus. Maybe then, people would finally see things my way.

As I said, lunacy.

You seem to know a lot about the backgound of this eaten dog. Did you do equal research on the death of the fox? Was it maimed in such a way where beating it to death would have been preferable to letting it suffer? And, just what constitues a beating? Was it a smack to the head with a hammer, or repeated blows while laughing (which is how you're picturing it, I'm sure).

Look, if you want to go on about "nature," then you should respect human nature as well. Humans hunt. Yes, we sometimes hunt to extinction, and that's tragic. It's less tragic than our ability to justify killing unborn children out of convenience, but tragic nonetheless. In this case, I don't think Prince Philip and his Fox Hunting will lead to the downfall of the species. How many people do you know that hunt foxes? Exactly.

So, next time you lecture me about the "horrors" of puppy mills, you might want to remember the tiny human babies, too. I'd hate to have to go eat one of those just to make a point!

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment last week, which has evidently been censored by you.

So much for an open forum and dialogue. Instead it's simply diatribe - from you.

Thanks. So long, farewell.

Dan said...

I don't edit anything except for foul language. All comments left for this post (and any other) have been published. Sorry, you may not have hit "publish your comment," and for that, I cannot be responsible.