Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Coming Islamic Showdown With the West

As we sit here in America with our heads in the sand, the situation in the Middle East continues to deteriorate. It's no secret that I think the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should be stepped-up, and that our current leadership is letting the whole thing fall apart. But the reasoning behind my opinion has never been so succinctly articulated as was done in this compelling piece from today's OpinionJournal.

Here's an excerpt:

A large portion of modern wars erupted because aggressive tyrannies believed that their democratic opponents were soft and weak. Often democracies have fed such beliefs by their own flaccid behavior. Hitler's contempt for America, stoked by the policy of appeasement, is a familiar story. But there are many others. North Korea invaded South Korea after Secretary of State Dean Acheson declared that Korea lay beyond our "defense perimeter." Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait after our ambassador assured him that America does not intervene in quarrels among Arabs. Imperial Germany launched World War I, encouraged by Great Britain's open reluctance to get involved. Nasser brought on the 1967 Six Day War, thinking that he could extort some concessions from Israel by rattling his sword.
I would encourage you to read the entire article. We're sending messages of surrender to our enemies. It's no surprise they feel emboldened when they don't face consequences for their actions.

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