Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oui, Oui... We Look at Blackberry!

As if the US Government doesn't have anything better to do than spy on the French government through their Blackberries. "Heau heau heau! Le plans for world domination with ze better and ze bigger cheese must be kept from Monsieur George Bush! Oh, non!"


About Me: said...

SO FUNNY! I can imagine, though, that the threat is real. I read something a while back about people erroneously thinking that their blackberry messages were "encrypted". Not true.

Dan said...

Nothing we do is encrypted. It would be just as easy for the US Government to tap the phone lines of people in France, but we manage to live with THAT horrifying reality. And what about the cellphones we use? Easily tapped. But now, "Oh non! Le Blackberry is le tool of Monsieur W!" French people... :sigh: