Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How Am I Supposed to Ride in This?

I'm home now. Back from a way-too-short vacation (see pictures in previous posts) out west visiting the in-laws. Yep, that's right... I enjoy spending time with the in-laws! Anyway, since I'm not on vacation anymore, I've been excited to get back to the trails with my newly repaired mountain bike. Unfortunately, I have to deal with this (also see picture at left - keeping in mind it's almost 5 pm). What you don't see is the humidity level - hovering right at 50%. It feels like Caribbean Mexico. Hot and nasty - only without the great beaches.

For those that don't know, riding mountain bikes in the mid-Atlantic in August is a bit like sitting in a sauna with a sweater on. It's brutally debilitating and a tad bit retarded. However, it's manageable with plenty of water and a slower pace. Why do I do it? Because, it's that much fun. Kind of like writing mindless posts like this...

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