Thursday, August 23, 2007

Virginia's Ridiculous Vehicle Laws

I've been avoiding this topic for far too long, mainly because it enrages me to the point where any reasoned discussion on the subject is impossible for me. However, when I found out about Lindsay Lohan being charged with 2 DUIs, driving under the influence of cocaine and reckless driving, then read that all of those crimes only amount to misdemeanors, I decided to say something.

Virginia's antiquated motor vehicle laws have got to go.

Now, before some people get their feathers in a ruffle. I'm not saying that we should reduce the fines and penalties for serious traffic offenses like DUIs and hit and run. I would suggest that those become more stringent, actually. No, I'm mainly talking about speeding laws here in the Commonwealth - a place where driving 75mph on the Capital Beltway will land you in jail for felony reckless driving. And now, thanks to this bonehead, will also end up costing you $3500 and a criminal record that lasts 11 years. Are you starting to see my frustration here?

OK, after reading some of the links I've posted for you here... I've decided that I still can't talk about this subject rationally. How is it that driving 75mph can be considered a felony when in other parts of the country people are able to drive under the influence of addictive narcotics and get a slap on the wrist? Where have our legislative priorities gone? Since this post has come unglued and gone off the rails, I'll instead point you instead to Big Stupid Guy's post on the subject. He pretty much encapsulates exactly what I'm trying to say. Grr....

UPDATE: VA Residents! You can petition to end the excessive fees HERE.

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Joanna said...

All I can say to that is LAME!