Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anderson Cooper is a Tool

Last night I watched CNN for the first time in years. Why would I turn to the dark side for my information after many years of happily watching FoxNews, you ask? High Definition, that's why. Yesterday, DirecTV rolled out its expanded HD channels, which happens to include CNN-HD. And I'll admit, CNN has never looked better. But quality news and a quality image don't seem to add up in the case of CNN-HD. The reason: Anderson Cooper.

I've never really had a reason to dislike Mr. Cooper - even despite my annoyance at parents who name their kids with a last name for a first name (so trendy), but I digress. Before I tuned in to CNN last night, he seemed like an OK guy, if not a little taken in by the Clooney school of political thought. But since I never watch CNN (due to the blatant, America-hating, liberal viewpoints espoused in every story broadcast on that channel), I hadn't formed much of an opinion on the guy. Well, that changed last night. Anderson Cooper is a pandering, sniveling opportunist who is clearly serving a political interest that is not neutral.

My first clue was when Mr. Cooper was talking about the strife in Burma. He used the word Burma several times, and then made a big point about how it was wrong to use that name, because "the native government and the United Nations recognize the name as Myanmar" or something like that. Then Cooper goes on to smugly talk about how evil and repressive the government of that nation is.

Well, Mr. Cooper, do you know that the same evil and repressive government that kills defensive monks and innocent civilians is the same government demanding the world call it Myanmar? Did you know that the freedom fighters in that country still call it Burma? Did you know that the US, UK and Australia still call the country Burma because we don't recognize the names of countries that are changed by oppressive military regimes? Apparently not, because you're a "trying-to-sound enlightened" tool talking out of two-sides of your mouth like the rest of the hypocrites on CNN.

But still, I thought, maybe Mr. Cooper isn't that bad. After all, he's just falling victim to the standard, blinded mindset that gives most liberals extreme tunnel-vision. Until, that is, I saw his interview with Bill Clinton.

From the start, it was obvious that Bill Clinton is Anderson Cooper's hero. During the interview. Mr. Two-Last-Names threw him softball questions, and goaded Clinton into coming unhinged while talking about republicans (Clinton lost his temper when referring to the GOP as "those people" before proceeding to attack the patriotism of the entire party). And instead of asking Clinton to clarify his remarks like most responsible journalists would do, Cooper just lapped it up. Then he continued to play Clinton's tirade in his promo clips all through the broadcast.

This experience has proven useful to me, in that it has helped me understand a few things. First, HD or no, CNN is still garbage. Second, Anderson Cooper is, indeed, a tool. And lastly, Bill O'Reilly really isn't kidding when he talks about how far CNN has fallen. I've seen it for myself (and now understand why Cooper's ratings are in the toilet). But if you don't believe me, see it for yourself. After all, I report, you decide.


Peter said...

Mr. Conservative Futurist, I am glad you watched CNN for once in your life, that way you'll stay away from it for the rest of your life. Bigoted people are not necessary what CNN, or any other newscast needs. Open minded people who can think of the possibilities, and not whether a country is named Burma or Myanmar, is more appreciated at CNN. Stay at Fox where you are welcome with your single minded, bigoted opinion. Good riddens.

John said...

Ha! Are you kidding me with this shit? Attacking Cooper for things you didn't like hearing from Bill? You completely dismissed the content of his argument- that Republicans have done the same smear jobs they see the ad to be.

And good goodness, google a little more, will ya? Do *you* know that to first become a reporter, Mr. Cooper went all on his own to Burma with a fake press pass in his early twenties?

Until you get off your butt and see things from any other view outside your narrow little window into the world, kindly do your research.

Conservative Futurist said...

Peter, if it makes you feel better about yourself calling people "bigots" where there is no evidence of bigotry, go right ahead. Then again, that seems to be the whole intellectual platform of CNN viewers. If there's no story - make one up! And hey, if it brings down traditional-minded folk with it, even better.

Nevertheless, I think I'll heed your invitation to "stay away" from CNN, as thousands of other viewers seem to be doing, in favor of more balanced news outlets like FoxNews. It will only hasten the downfall of those at CNN (and its ilk) who have lied to us for so long.

I know it hurts when news organizations like FoxNews break the liberal stranglehold on the media by actually reporting facts... so if breaking from a narrow mind-view is considered bigoted to you, I'd hate to see how you see yourself.

Conservative Futurist said...

Oh, John.

My "narrow little window into the world"? Wow, so let's get this straight... I can't comment on a public figure who is trying to pass off his own agenda as news without being labeled some kind of automaton? Meanwhile, you sit here and make the same kind of accusations towards me (someone you, and the world, knows much less about than Mr. Cooper) and expect to sound morally superior?

Wow, Cooper fans are more dense than I thought.

And, I don't have the space on this blog nor the time to refute every single inconsistency that has come out of Bill Clinton's mouth, so I'm not going to start now. Therefore, I'll stick to why Anderson Cooper is a tool.

I don't care if he lived in Burma. He's still missing the point, and misrepresenting the facts. The US does not recognize the name "Myanmar," and neither do those fighting for freedom within that country.

For Cooper to act like he's concerned about their loss of freedom while at the same time correcting those of us who so callously use the non-dictatorship-approved name of Burma is a bit disingenuous.

Peter said...

How do I know you are a bigot; because I am gay -- and proud of it, and I am sure you would not let me marry my partner tomorrow, would you?

Conservative Futurist said...

Peter, it sounds like you're more concerned about pre-empting bigotry by being somewhat libelous yourself. Not really a well-reasoned position from which to argue.

Anonymous said...

He used the word Burma several times, and then made a big point about how it was wrong to use that name, because "the native government and the United Nations recognize the name as Myanmar" or something like that. Then Cooper goes on to smugly talk about how evil and repressive the government of that nation is.

Here is what Anderson actually said from the CNN transcript:

But you know, it really should be called Burma, because the name Myanmar was constructed by this repressive government. It's so sad, because back in '88, they had these pro-democracy demonstrations. Ruthlessly crushed by this government. This is one of the most repressive governments in the world, hardly gets any attention.

BSG said...

Why is it that the most open-minded people are always the ones telling narrow-minded people to go away and "good riddens" (that was a cute misspelling, by the way; it made for a good laugh)? I would think - if I were so enlightened - that you'd want us to stick around to learn something, to grow, to become less narrow-minded.

Conservative Futurist said...

Anonymous, if what you posted is truly the transcript from the same show I watched, then I stand corrected and thoroughly embarrassed.

However, I still can't shake my impression of the guy, or the network.

I'd say I could maybe give Cooper another chance, but CNN has lost it for me. After growing up with the network, and always being frustrated with their slant, I just can't see myself ever going back, even if Anderson Cooper ends up inventing the cure for cancer.

Conservative Futurist said...

And even so, CNN continues to use the name "Myanmar."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is correct. (Scroll to the bottom.)

Anderson actually snuck into Burma to report on the the first uprising years ago. I think he knows a thing or two about the country. Will you retract?

anon 6:27 said...

Anonymous, if what you posted is truly the transcript from the same show I watched, then I stand corrected and thoroughly embarrassed.

Yes, that's exactly what he said. I was watching the show that night and heard it and the transcript is correct. Anderson Cooper did do some of his earliest reporting from Burma, years before he landed on CNN. You have every right to your opinion but he's a great reporter and those of us who are familiar with his career history know that he has more than earned his prominent position on CNN. I can think of far worse people on television than Anderson Cooper.

Conservative Futurist said...


I won't "retract." This is a blog, not a news article. I admit that I feel dumb, though. Why don't you post your identity and I'll consider giving you special credit.

Other Anonymous:

You're right, there are much worse people in the media... and I'll get to them... eventually! But this day, AC was in my sights. Burmese experience or no, he's still a Clinton lapdog. But wow, those eyes... hehe.