Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ever Had One of THESE Days?

I rode the Metro this morning for 15 minutes - standing, no less - before I noticed that one of the greatest fears I never knew I had was finally realized. Yes, the picture is accurate. And yes, I spent the remaining 15 minutes of my Metro ride trying to hide one of my feet - lest my carefully sculpted fashion sense become disrupted in the eyes of others.

Folks, today I have (literally) stumbled upon a new low. I mean, I've left the house once or twice wearing mismatched socks (seriously, no more than twice in my life), but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would EVER mismatch my SHOES!

Seriously, aside from those who may be mentally challenged, who walks out of the house wearing a different shoe on each foot?! Apparently, I do. And I'm thinking it may be time for me to get a MRI scan of my noggin, because something is definitely not right upstairs.

"How did this happen?" It's what I've been asking myself all morning. Well, I have an idea. My wife decided to have one of her friends organize our house this weekend (she has a business called Dutch Girl Organizing). She did an awesome job, I must say, and I hardly recognize our bedroom... However, somewhere in the process, the carefully managed chaos that is our shoe closet had suddenly become, well, organized! Well, in the beautification process, someone.... (I'm not naming names but she's hot and is my wife) paired up the wrong black shoes. So this morning in my haste, I grabbed 'em both, put 'em on and walked out.

Ultimately, I have no one to blame but myself... I mean, who doesn't pay attention to what goes on their feet? I did have to tie the stupid things... you'd think I would have figured it out then. Or, if not at home, then at least when I walked outside and noticed that one shoe clacked when I walked (hard bottom) and the other was silent (rubber sole). But no, I was too immersed in my mp3s... Ugh.

So if you notice an otherwise professional looking guy on the Metro today after work who just happens to look like he walked out of a homeless shelter from the ankles down... please, go easy on him!


becky said...

drama, drama, drama.

And a big fat crack in that otherwise fashionable facade. We'll all be watching you a little more closely from now on.

Merianne said...

Nice try honey...don't blame me! Jaime and I didn't even touch our closet when we organized.....it's your own stupidity! :)

Methadras said...

That's a good one. I've done it before myself. However, when you forget to shave the other half of your face or in the process of trimming your eyebrows you take them off, then come talk to me. :D

demsbad said...


And you make fun of the fashion sense of the United Nations.

Carrie Hanson said...

You are hilarious.

Jenny said...

This was too funny. I love it. (Found your blog and wanted to say hi.) :) Best, Jenny Stathis Mathis ;) Take care!!
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