Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Flat Stanley Visits the White House

See, we're not all about political diatribes, ranting and nerdspeak here at the Conservative Futurist! In fact, just yesterday my new friend, Flat Stanley, made a visit to the area. Being the playful guy that I am, I rewarded Mr. Stanley with a trip to the White House! You can see here how excited Flat was. I'm sure he'll have lots of stories when he returns home to his best friend Hope in Utah.

As you can see, Flat Stanley was having trouble standing still in the wind. So, my friend helped him stand up while I took the picture. He looks like he's having fun, doesn't he?


suicide_blond said...

i *heart* flat stanley....kiss him good bye for me before he goes back home!

Merianne said...

who the hell is suicide blond? Nice porn site she has

Brian said...

And on that recommendation, I checked it out. Thanks for the tip, Merianna!