Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why Huckabee Has Ruined the Republican Party

Mike Huckabee is ruining the republican party. And what's worse, he's not even a real republican. Sure, he's a former preacher turned politician, and knows how to court those of faith (who typically tend to be republican). That's important, right - having faith? Normally, I'd tend to agree. But in Huckabee's case, he seems to be relying a little too much on the faith of his followers believing that he's a real conservative. Well, I have news for them - he's not. As The Wall Street Journal recently noted:

"But one wonders whether his newfound supporters would really say that if they took a close look at his policies. With increasing frequency, Mr. Huckabee invokes his faith when advocating greater government involvement in just about every aspect of American life. In doing so, Mr. Huckabee has actually answered the prayers of the religious left."
This is very concerning for the future of the republican party. A great portion of the religious right, a critical base element of the party is being duped just because this guy happens to speak their language.

While I agree with the religious right on many issues (close to 95%), I don't consider myself a part of that faction. Nor do I agree with the way they politicize their faith. As a Mormon, I have been unfairly treated by the other so-called Christians of this group who have ostracized members of my faith time and time again. It's funny that after complaining for so long that they have been marginalized by the left, been labeled kooks and wackos, this same group of religious right Christians is the quickest to do the same thing to Mormons - who are arguably one of the largest bodies of Christians who actually try to live like the the Savior did. But I digress. Needless to say, I have no love for the religious right.

Naturally, I am appalled at the level of blind support being given to Huckabee just because he "walks like a sheep and talks like lamb." One of my good friends who supports Huckabee was surprised to know that he supports a heavily expanded role of government. Again, I quote The Wall Street Journal:
As governor, he championed the ARKids First, which extended free health insurance not only to children of the working poor but to some lower middle-class families. He pleased teachers unions with his consistent opposition to school choice and voucher programs. He satisfied labor by signing into law a minimum-wage hike of 21%. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me" -- Mr. Huckabee's oft-cited scriptural justification for growing government -- proved costly for Arkansans, who saw government spending double and their taxes rise about a half-billion dollars during his tenure.
This is blatant propagandizing. He knows exactly what to say to conservative republicans in a language they can understand and have a difficult time refuting (because of its religious context), and then turns around and governs like a liberal democrat. What gives, Mr. Huckabee?

Because of this duplicity, thousands of religious voters are voting for Huckabee just because "he's a good Christian." As a result, they are taking votes away from candidates who actually legislate like good Christians. Take Romney for example. Here is one of the most straight-forward conservative candidates in 20 years who actually has a chance. Yet, because he is Mormon, the religious right applies unfair pressure on him. They encourage people to "oppose the Mormon at all costs" (I got this quote from that same Born-again Christian friend). At what cost? The destruction of the only party that can counter the Godless nanny-state looming on the left?

And for those of the religious right who make abortion their clarion call for candidate support, and who would bash Romney for his past stance on leaving the states responsible for abortion legislation, Huckabee is no abortion saint either:
"In August, he told a group of Washington reporters that the application of his faith to politics must include concerns for the environment, poverty and hunger. "It can't just be about abortions and same-sex marriage," he said. "We can't ignore that there are kids every day in this country that literally don't have enough food and adequate drinking water in America."'
The votes that may have gone to Romney have now gone to Huckabee, causing both to lose in New Hampshire. We'll wind up with a left-centered republican nominee like Giuliani or McCain simply because the religious right was too blind to see that Huckabee wasn't even a true republican. And as a result, the GOP will likely lose in November. So, when Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton is being sowrn in this November, we have nobody by the religious right to thank.

Thanks guys.

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