Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Air Show at Andrews AFB

I love this country. I love our military. I love airplanes. These three things together make air shows one of my favorite places to visit on Earth. I love the sights, maneuvers and antics of the daredevil planes... but most of all, I love the sound. I love the roar - up close - of aircraft engines. I love hearing the sound of 60,000 lbs of thrust rattling my bones. It makes me emotional, this sound. I can't explain it. It's part pride in what we've accomplished as a nation (both technologically and militarily), and part patriotism from being so close to the mighty power that defends us.

I have compiled a few of the high-definition videos I shot for you to enjoy. Of course, in YouTube they are no longer HD... you'll have to come over to enjoy them in full glory!

Air Force Heritage Flight (4 generations of top Air Force fighters: P51, F4, F15E & F22)

F-22 Raptor Awesomeness

B2 Stealth Bomber


Chris said...

Man, I'm bummed that I missed the air show. I heard nothing but good things about it. You got some great videos. Reminds me of going to the shows as a kid.

Amylouwho said...

we were going to go but had some other stuff going on. Nick loves those shows and can tell you all about the planes and how hard it is to fly in formation like that. They make it look so easy.

I'm with you - i'm stirred by the rumbling of the engines! i LOVE it!

We went to the miramar show a few years ago. so fun.

ps - tell marianne to fix her blog so it has an rss feed - then I can check it on google reader!