Friday, December 16, 2005

Thoughts on King Kong

Sigh... where do I begin?

Overall, I think it was a good movie. The characters were what they were (didn't try to make themselves into more through "over-acting"). The story was fun, and the special effects were great. Granted, there were a few scenes that were over the top and looked pretty fake (you'll know them when you see them). But aside from those moments, the rest looked pretty stinkin' real. Let me just say that the Empire State Building scene was worth the ticket price.

A major drawback, however, was that every moment of the movie was stretched out more than it needed to be. A one minute scene would drag for five minutes, a 5 minute scene for fifteen, etc. The movie itself didn't feel too long (meaning, I wasn't really bored, per se), it's just that looking back you feel that they could have done the whole thing in half the time.

It was definitely entertaining. I've seen the poor ticket sales numbers on Drudge, and I feel that is partly due to the 3 hour factor. I think word of mouth will be generally good. Just make sure you use the restroom at the beginning, because there aren't many spots where you'll feel comfortable getting up to leave without missing something - dragged out scenes notwithstanding.

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veggiedude said...

Yea, it was good. Jackson did his research, and made Kong a vegan, albeit one that bites the heads off its enemies! Well, c'mon, don't every vegan want to bite the heads off evil people?

By the way, isn't "Conservative Futurist" an oxymoron?

: )