Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Even Doctors Get Sick

Yeah, so I've been waiting to see this dermatologist since April. And, before you ask, no I do not have skin cancer, psoriasis or anything else. I just want to get a little mole removed. No big deal. So anyway, as I was saying, I have been waiting for months to see this guy. However, the day before my appointment arrives, the office calls to cancel on me. So far, it's happened twice. But today, I finally manage to walk 8 blocks in 91 degree weather with a matching percentage in humidity to my appointment - on time. Man was it nasty outside.

Well, I get into the office, fill out all the necessary paperwork and wait about 2 minutes before this red-faced guy wearing a white doctor's labcoat runs through the waiting room, throws open the main door, and runs outside into the hallway where he proceeds to retch violently.

At this point, the staff begins to go crazy. Then I hear someone day, "Are you alright Dr. X?" Great, I think to myself. This is MY doctor.

Then poor Dr. X yells, "Ugh... buuurp... cancel all of my appointments. I'm going to the emergency room!! Blegghhhhh!"

I casually walk to the counter and ask, "So, when should I come back?" The receptionist looks at me like I was walking on someone's grave, and then says: "Uh, you know... um... Dr. X is not usually like this." Yeah, no crap. "I'm not sure when you should come back."

I say, "Aren't there any other doctors that work here that I can see? I've been trying to get in since April."

Again, the bewildered look.

"Sir, you can call tomorrow if--" She is cut off by another receptionist who offers me to another doctor tomorrow. Normally, I would have said forget it, I'll go somewhere else. But I want to see how this drama ends, so it looks like I'll trudge back over there to see if my original doctor is dead or in a coma.

"He's not normally like this." LOL.


Miss M said...

So? What's the update? What happened yesterday??

Dan said...

Oh, yeah... well, I called in sick yesterday. I guess that means even lobbyists get sick, too.