Saturday, July 22, 2006

Luray Caverns, VA

We went to Luray Caverns today, 90 minutes outside of DC and the 4th largest underground caverns in the world. VERY cool stuff, literally (it was a constant 54 degrees down there). I felt like Indiana Jones, but probably looked more like Urkle as I took pictures with my cellphone (our digital camera is being repaired). Enjoy the pictures!

This was "Dream Lake." It looks like an open cavern, except that the bottom of the picture is actually water making a perfect mirror of the ceiling above. This was my favorite part of the MILE and a HALF walking tour!

You can see the tiny people winding their way through the caves. It should give you an idea of the massive scale of things below the Earth. We were 160 feet underground at this point.

Here is my wife peeking her way through one of the little doorways and keyholes that were everywhere!


lizzie said...

these pictures are beautiful. makes me want to check them out for myself.

CatMorgan said...

Those pictures are great. What kind of phone do you have? My camera phone doesn't take pictures nearly so high-quality..

-the cat

Dan said...

Just a good 'ole RAZR phone from Cingular! Trust me, the pictures don't nearly look as good during the daytime!