Thursday, November 16, 2006

FLOP: Michael Jackson's "Comeback"

Was this a big surprise? The guy has apparently been in bed with children too long and has forgotten what it means to please an audience comprised of adults. The schedule was for him to perform Thriller, his biggest hit, to a crowd at the World Music Awards in London. It was also to be his first live appearance in the UK in over 10 years.

Well, not surprisingly, the King of Flop changed his plans and came on stage singing a falsetto version of We Are the World. The audience, with good reason, started to boo him within seconds. The whole thing was a debacle of monumental proportions. The Sun reports:

WACKO Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery-ravaged face looks like it is melting as he arrives at the shambolic World Music Awards last night.

Jacko, 48, was snapped looking strange as he performed live in Britain for the first time in ten years.

But expectant punters — who had spent about £100 a ticket for the London event — ended up booing in disgust at the end after he only sang THREE LINES of We Are The World — when he was meant to sing Thriller with R&B star Chris Brown.
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