Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Terrorists Open DC Branch Office

Again, I wish I were making this stuff up. The Muslim Brotherhood announced that they will be opening an office in the nation's capital to "infiltrate the US government and influence its apathy towards political Islam." I'm not kidding! Quoted below (thanks to LGF):

WASHINGTON DC - The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (SMB), in alliance with the ex-vice- president of Syria, Abdul Halim Khaddam, a staunch Ba’athist, have opened an office in Washington DC. The aim of the office is to infiltrate the US government and influence its apathy towards political Islam. Ammar Abdul Hamid, a Syrian intellectual who works at Brookings Institute, will be running the office for the National Salvation Front. His duties are to sell political Islam and Ba’athism to reluctant US government officials and to give the Muslim Brotherhood a platform in the Think Tank community of Washington from which they can preach democracy.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Muslim Brotherhood, I would invite you to learn more about them by clicking HERE. If that's too "right wing" for you, try Wikipedia, where it says:
The Muslim Brotherhood advocates the creation of Islamic government, believing that God has set out a perfect way of life and social organization in the Quran (as seen in the slogan, "The Quran is our constitution"). It expresses its interpretation of Islam through a strict religious approach to social issues such as the role of women...
I am all for freedom of speech, provided you aren't yelling "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater. But I hope this group finds as much "open minded" acceptance as the Neo-Nazis find at their rallies (sarcasm intended). The Muslim Brotherhood advocates a system of government that requires the destruction of our own - starting with the constitution. And if that wasn't enough, the Muslim Brotherhood gave us people like Sayyid Qutb, the man who inspired Osama bin Laden. But yeah, they're otherwise good people. Ha.


maziar said...

what is this propagation. you are totally manipulating the whole thing. you tone is no different than FOX news and you information on this subject very minimal.
I am against Islamic extremism myself but for god sake stop creating a big deal out everything.

Dan said...

The same tone as Fox News? I know Fox is much different from what you're used to hearing on CNN, the BBC and other "mainstream" media outlets. Those avenues have been so far left for so long, that any moderate comments will sound conservative - which is what "tone" I'm assuming you mean.

And making a big deal out of everything? I hope you leave the same empty, rhetorical comments on the "global warming" sites... talk about a big deal out of nothing! At least with my post, there are verifiable facts to back it up.

I bet you're one of the same people that thought a tribe of Muslims in Afghanistan wasn't worth the effort back in 2000... because heaven forbid we make a big deal out of everything.

4xfordx4 said...

WWII had that same outlook Maziar. We're making to big a deal about Japan and Germany's intentions... Yet Pearl Harbor took place WHILE we had Japanese emmisaries in Washington. Its no different than having a communist part running on our ballot in America which we have for the last 2 elections that i've seen. Communist is the oxymoron of our great Republic, it should be illegal to run such a party in America, yet due to people like you and political correctness we will bow before the altar of stupidity at our own demise. I guess Fox just reporting the news factually with no customization added makes them have a bad tone huh? For the love of god pull your head out of the carbon monoxide filled bag and wake up.. You are proof that some people are literally brainwashed willingly to oblivion. Take some time to read facts and get out from under the propoganda tree.