Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Liberal Big Brother

Did any of you vote this morning? And, if so, did you notice the army of democrats calling themselves “poll observers?” Wall Street Journal has an article about them today, where they claim to be “non-partisan.” However, the ones in Fairfax County had little donkey labels and pins to set them apart from other observers. Cute.

What’s worse is that (at least in Fairfax) the poll workers are required to shout out your name when you check in. This is to satisfy the “observers” with their checklists. So, just so some liberal can be satisfied that the GOP isn’t going to “steal” another election, the safety of my wife is compromised as they shout her name and address in a room full of people. Yeah, I can see how the safety tradeoff is worth it.

This is a perfect example of the kind of "feel good" measures democrats will be sure to pass if they gain control of Congress. Measures like these always satisfy the emotional element (Gee, we're doing something! Yay!), but they fail to hold up to common sense and in the end, do more damage than good.

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