Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Voters, I Hope You Know What You've Done

Short-sighted voters have just installed a ruinous leadership with their "protest votes" aimed at Bush. Well, that's great, vote however you want... just consider the consequences first! Because of your "open-minded" votes that were cast for a "new direction," you have paved a golden road for Pelosi and the furious-4 (Waxman, Hastings, Conyers, Rangel) to take charge of American affairs.

We know it wasn't an ideological choice on your part, otherwise you wouldn't have elected conservative democrats in record numbers. We know you're conservative, but by voting for a "D," you have subjected the country to at least 2 years of monkeyhouse politics. Because you fell sucker for what the liberal media told you about life and how you should live it, you're gonna get 700 days of unrelenting liberal lunacy. I hope you're happy.

Did you realize that with your "vote for change," you removed local politicians for relatively minor corruption charges while sending an democrat who was impeached for bribery to chair the House Intelligence Committee? Of course you didn't. You were too busy feeling good about your open-minded protest vote for change. Well, you got your change. The country will now be forever changed - and not for better.

But worst of all, because the liberal media fails to report on all of the positive change in Iraq, you fell hook-line-and-sinker for the democratic liberal propaganda machine. Now, you have just signaled to Islamic fascists all over the world that America has given up. You're inviting them to push American even more. The terrorists will be more emboldened than ever. You have sold us out, you poor, ignorant "vote your conscious" activist. Yes, you're an activist now... all of you who voted for Tester in Montana. Yep, you big-sky Montana conservatives... you just gave us Harry Reid and a liberal national agenda.

Thanks a lot.

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