Thursday, December 21, 2006

Donald Trump SLAMS, Absolutely Slams, Rosie

Man, this is one of the harshest rebukings I've ever seen. Donald Trump goes straight for Rosie's jugular on this one, and doesn't hold anything back. He calls her "Ugly, both inside and out!" Then tells her that he'll have someone take her girlfriend away because, "it would be easy." But his quote of the day has to be, "I'm worth billions of dollars, and I have to listen to this fat slob?" Holy ouch Batman! See for yourself.

Read it and see the full video HERE.

Or, see clips below:

I'm telling you, this is brutal. I can't stand Rosie O'Donnell, and I hope that her TV show, "The View," fails miserably. I really do! But Donald's comments are just harsh. He's going to end up driving people into her corner over this. Watch.


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BSG said...

It's really hard to believe that guy is a billionaire. I can't help but think I was more mature and articulate in my spats with classmates in the third freakin' grade. They oughta just challenge each other to a game of tetherball -- winner pays the other $10 million.