Monday, December 04, 2006

Israeli Capitulation or Sinister Plot?

Either this is the most imbecilic capitulation in the history of modern warfare, or the Israeli's have simply lost their minds. One can always hope that this is nothing but a political stunt. I mean, why else would the Environment Minister be suggesting this??

Since I would like to give Israeli strategists the benefit of the doubt, I have conceived an alternate theory as to why the Environment Minister would want to let this 5-life sentenced suicide bomber back into the population. The Minister, Gideon Ezra, worked as an executive at Ituran, an Israel company specializing in wireless tracking. Perhaps he has something up his sleeve... at least, let's hope he does.
JERUSALEM (AFP) - An Israeli minister has said he would agree to releasing Marwan Barghuti, the charismatic Palestinian militant leader serving five life sentences in jail for planning suicide attacks.

"I will agree to such a release if it leads thePalestinian Authority to be truly opposed to terrorism and to prevent the smuggling of weapons from Egypt into Gaza," Environment Minister Gideon Ezra told public radio Monday.

It is the first time that a current government minister has considered releasing Barghuti,Fatah's widely popularWest Bank leader who was a key player during the early days of the second intifada, or uprising, which began in September 2000. More...

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