Friday, December 01, 2006

Lindsay Lohan is STILL an Idiot

Sure, it was your Blackberry. Sorry, lush, we're not buying it. Those of us with Blackberries know that they cause typos, not grammatical errors. There's a big difference.

We know you carry the thing everywhere (see picture), but it doesn't mean that we'll be buying your ridiculous excuse. Ugh.

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Golden Silence said...

The "Parent Trap" remake came on two weeks ago, and I had totally forgotten how talented Lindsay Lohan was when she was young. I did believe that she was a pair of twins separated at birth.

Nowadays, she's just one of those plastic dunderheads with nothing going on for herself except her looks and "hot body" (which don't look that great now from that photo you posted). Vapid, shallow, and ridiculous. She was the cover story in "In Style" a few months ago, and she went on about how she wanted to be married before she was 30. Sigh---she sounds like someone who talks for the sake of talking.

I'm tired of seeing these plastics get shoved down our throats in the media. I'd like to see real talent get recognized more often.