Thursday, March 08, 2007

80% Less Insurgent Attacks in Iraq, and the Liberal Press Doesn't Bat an Eye

In keeping with the leftist agenda of destroying President Bush at all costs (including one-sided reporting, shameless progressive propaganda and lying), the mainstream media is failing to report that insurgent attacks in Iraq are down 80%. This is significant news. This is news the country should hear about, but they won't... at least, not from CNN and other liberal news outlets. They'll continue to report every misstep, and provide refuge to our enemies. Heaven forbid they actually report news that will weaken the enemy's resolve.

The World Tribune reports:

The U.S. Army has reported a sharp decrease in insurgency attacks in Baghdad.

In the week of Feb. 24 to March 2, officials said, insurgency strikes and suicide bombings dropped for the fourth consecutive week in Baghdad. They linked this to the steady increase of security patrols in the city.

The army said violence has decreased by 80 percent in the most insurgency-ridden areas of Baghdad. Officials said Shi'ite and Sunni insurgents have been overwhelmed by the current joint Iraqi-U.S. operation in the Iraqi capital.

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