Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Whiners at Media Matters

The confused folks at Media Matters have accused The Politico (a new political newspaper in Washington, DC) of being too right wing. Give me a break. You can read about the controversy here.

Based on research from many sources over the past several years, it's generally well known that the American mainstream media shows a significant liberal bias. Therefore, it stands to reason that media outlets advocating neutrality and fairness will be perceived by liberal groups such as Media Matters as having a "republican tilt." This essentially means that outfits like The Politico, Fox News, and other media that don't tow the standard liberal line promulgated by the mainstream press will irk the left into the senseless accusations in which The Politico has found itself embroiled.

Maybe sending Media Matters a copy of the UCLA report on liberal media bias will remind them that despite anything The Politico might print that happens to find its way into the hands of conservatives, it would still be still a far cry from the amount of press the liberal agenda gets from the rest of the mainstream press.

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