Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Star Trek Bachelor Pad

Now, aside from the fact that if I ever attempted something like this, my wife would leave me and never look back (and indeed, that is made clear in this article when the apartment owner begins, "After my wife left me..."), I can't help but admit that this is pretty cool.

I don't know any guy who wouldn't have given a leg for this kind of setup (be it Trek, A-Team or Miami Vice) when he was younger (granted, this guy is older which is kind of frightening). But as a Star Trek fan myself, I am impressed with the realism this guy pulled off (again, I know Star Trek and "realism" present an oxymoron of sorts).

So, as nerdy as it sounds... I think this is pretty dang cool. You won't catch me doing it, though. Talking my wife into letting me buy a plasma television was hard enough!

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