Friday, April 27, 2007

Idiots on Wheels

I'm on the left, the idiot is on the right. He didn't hit me, but he's darn close. I'm so incensed that I'm waiting in my car for this bozo to come back so I can laugh in his face. Morons.


Anonymous said...

that sthucks...

The Last Man said...

Did you confront the bad man, tough guy?

Dan said...

I did. He walked up and tried to squeeze in. I said, "Excuse me, it would seem that you parked too closely to be able to get in your car without scratching mine."

He said, "Don't scratch my car!"

Me, "Are you kidding me? Have you seen how you parked?"

Him (silence).

Me, "Your parking job is pathetic, not to mention disrespectful to other drivers."

Him, "Thanks for the observation."

Me, "After parking like that, I honestly thought you wouldn't understand the difference between an observation and a hole in the head. I'll move my car so you can contemplate your poor driving kills."

Him, "A-hole."

Me, "At least you can recognize what you see in the mirror."

Then I back up and drove away.