Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Rule of Law is Dead...

...or at least it will be if the Democratic Senate (with help from quasi-Republicans like John McCain) gets its way. The highly touted bill aimed at stopping illegal immigration only rewards illegal immigrants. "Congrats! You've made it to America without regard for the legal procedure that millions have had to endure before you! As a prize, we're giving YOU citizenship! That's right... free US citizenship with a bonus right to vote! That is, since you'll most likely be voting for democrats..."

Here is a list of ten of the "worst provisions" of the Immigration Bill, as reported by The Heritage Foundation. I couldn't agree more.

1. A Massive Amnesty
2. The permanent "Temporary" Visa
3. Hobbled Background Checks
4. Amnesty for "Absconders"
5. Reverse Justice
6. Enforce Amnesty, Now Laws
7. Amnesty for Gang Members
8. Tuition Subsidies for Illegal Aliens
9. Taxpayer-funded Lawyers for Illegal Aliens
10. Amnesty Before Enforcement Triggers

To read about each of these, click HERE.

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