Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Snakes on a Trail!

Click on the picture for bigger image.

SNAKES!! I took this picture as a huge, 5' (that's in feet, people) black snake was slithering across the Accotink/Wakefield Trail yesterday. Pretty cool, huh?

For scale, each of those rocks measures about a foot across...

Apparently, this is a black rat snake. Pretty common for the area. They are shy and eat rats. Who would have guessed?


becky said...

Looks more like the tire you popped in oncoming traffic. But if it makes you feel better to call it a snake...more power to you!

Dan said...

Heh... yeah right. Apparently it is a "rat snake". Pretty common in this area. They eat rats and other vermin. Go figure.

BSG said...

I used to have a rat snake, as well as a couple of its cousins, the corn snake. In fact, they both have the same scale patterns, which you can see on the black rat snake if you get close enough. Cool snakes. Though not as cool as the California King Snakes I caught and kept when I was a kid: the are immune to the rattlesnake's poison ... talk about a good time, man: watching a king snake take a rattler down in your terrarium with all your buddies cheering it on.

All this talk about snakes makes me want to go out and get one. Pretty sure my wife would move out, though, so I'd better not.