Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fred Thompson is Pro-Choice?

I'm not sold on Fred Thompson the way others in my party seem to be, but I find this clip a fascinating insight into the political platform of the man no one seems to know anything about. The video also reeks of a hit piece. And if I had to guess, this particular hit piece was probably put out by Ron Paul. Ron Paul's campaign slogan should be: "Ron Paul: Ruining Perfectly Good Ideas for Years!"

Anyway, here's the video... decide for yourself. To me, it sounds like he's only advocating state rights on the matter (something I support). Regardless, it's something he's going to have to answer for. I hope he looks to Mitt and Rudy for examples on how not to handle this question.


Anonymous said...

Why should that be Ron Paul's slogan?

Dan said...

Because he delivers good ideas with the finesse of a raving lunatic.