Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Clock is Ticking in the Middle East

An unlikely source for good political commentary -- particularly when it comes to Middle Eastern affairs -- the good psychoanalyst over at ShrinkWrapped has a few interesting words about the time bomb that is primed and ready to explode in Syria. His analysis comes on the heels of this report, which says the rumors of war between Israel and Syria may become reality sometime very soon.

"Meanwhile, even The New York Times admits that leaving Iraq would be a disaster while opportunistic Democrats and feckless Republicans compete to see who can surrender more quickly, ignoring the fact that the fighting in Iraq is currently all about al Qaeda, who they claim we should be fighting.

Chaos could easily descend upon the entire Middle East with extremely dangerous implications for the entire world. Consider a summer war, with Iranian and Syrian over-reach and Israeli desperation. What are the implications of a super-critical Middle East disorganizing into a state of higher entropy. What happens when oil goes to $120 a barrel and stays there. The United States can tolerate a recession; can China?"
Check out the complete analysis here. It's worth a read.

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