Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dear Hollywood Writers: Get Over Yourselves

Dear Writers Guild of America:

Enough already. Throw in the towel. Know when to quit. Get back to work. And please understand, I don't say this because I hate unions (I do), or because I think you're not getting your fair share (you probably aren't), I'm simply saying "get over yourselves" because this particular strike isn't benefiting anyone - least of all, you.

I know you have every right to seek more money for what you earn. That's a principle as old as this country. But keep in mind, the producers are also in it to earn a buck. What you fight for is also a deduction from their bottom line, so don't expect to claim the side of moral superiority. You all want money. Big deal. Who doesn't? But know that there is a time to fight for largess, and a time to suck it up and be thankful you have a job at all. Now is a time to reflect on the latter.

It's not like television has a steady stream of classics keeping it alive right now. Viewership is at an all time low. Advertisers are abandoning the networks in droves in favor of Internet-based media. The decades-old reign of the boob tube is coming to a close, and if you don't recognize that, you're not worth the paper you're writing on (which, in green Hollywood, is saying a lot).

Yes, I love shows like The Office and Journeyman. But you know, once they go off the air due to a lack of written material, I'm likely to find other things on which to spend my time. My DVR is already loaded with shows I'd like to watch... maybe I'll find something new. After all, I don't need your product. In fact, a reasonable argument can be made that the world would actually benefit from less television watching. In fact, I'm sure that argument has been made. My mom argued to that effect many times during my childhood as I religiously watched Knight Rider and Star Trek. But I digress.

The bottom line is that viewer loyalty to any particular program only goes so far these days. And as I mentioned, there is quality programming out there... but it is dwarfed by the tons of crap that is being written, by you, on a daily basis. So, the level of empathy I feel for your cause is somewhere around the level I might feel towards a striking tobacco salesman whining that his numbers are down. Get over yourself, I'd say. People know crap when they see it.

And as for the Hollywood actors that are paying your bills in support and sending pizza to your picket lines... they can get over themselves, too. Does anyone take their hypocrisy seriously anymore? Oh, and to the bloggers going on a sympathy strike: You're just opportunistic and pandering idiots.


A concerned viewer (The Conservative Futurist)

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