Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tired of Being Sick

Yes, another blog post about being sick. I know... I can't believe it either. It's the 3rd time I've been sick since July - and each cold has been special in its own little way. This particular cold started off pretty mild. I had some sniffles and an itchy nose last Wednesday. By Thursday, I knew I was definitely sick and elected to stay home from work. From my last 3 bouts, I've really come to believe in getting proper rest when sick.

When Friday came, I stayed home from work again. By this time my throat was feeling a little sore. Later that night, my throat was dry, and really itchy. Saturday I felt fine, and thought I was getting better until Sunday arrived. That's when I got hit by the monster truck - a really dry, hoarse cough developed that was really painful in my chest, along with a pretty bad sore throat and all of the accompanying aches and pains of being sick. By Sunday night, my voice was completely gone. Monday I felt sick again, voice still gone... and another day of missed work.

On Tuesday I finally mustered up the strength to go back to work. My voice sounded like a 12 year old boy hitting puberty, but was understandable. Now I sit here, Thursday night, voice almost 100% back and feeling pretty good - except for this darn cough. My throat is pretty raw from all of the coughing, but it's going away. Oddly, other than the first day, this cold never affected my upper respiratory tract. That means that my ears were unaffected, and thus, unplugged, the entire time. Those of you familiar with my blog should know how happy that makes me. Although, I'm still a little paranoid they will plug up (as they sometimes do days after a cold) right in time for my flight to London next week. If that happens, expect more ranting.

I know this stuff probably doesn't interest you. After all, many of you come here for my political ranting and technology reviewing (mixed with the occasional personal posts and pictures). To you, let me say that this particular post is mainly for me. Since for whatever reason I seem to be getting sick more often, it's nice to go back over my posts and know exactly when my last suffering took place. Also, I get a lot of hits on this page from people looking for ways to get over their own plugged up ears. To you, I say visit my old posts here.

By the way, I'm pretty sure I had this. I'm serious.

Thanks for reading my rant! Let's hope I'm perfectly well for my vacation next week!

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