Monday, December 11, 2006

Love Me: It's My Birthday!

Yes, I know this is the ultimate ego post! But hey, I like my birthday and I'm proud to be the age that I am (it's over 30). Besides, I may get a few cool comments on here as a result of this shameless self-promotion.

What am I doing today? Not much. Well, I mean, I'm working... so what can I really do to celebrate? Tonight my wife is taking me to dinner - after making me an awesome feast on Saturday night that I was able to share with 40 of my closest friends! Thanks for that, babe... it was extremely fun!

I'll try not to make this post a total trip down Self-Indulgent Lane... Here's some December 11th facts that all of you can enjoy. And let me tell you, 12/11 is a hap-hap-happenin' date in world history.

December 11 birthdays of famous people:
John Kerry (this fact has now ruined my birthday, forever).
John Mark Karr (why this guy qualifies as famous is beyond me).

December 11 in history:
Upper Volta became an autonomous republic in the French Community!
It's Tango Day in Argentina
I think I'll celebrate Tango Day by sending John Kerry an e-card with a picture of John Mark Karr. Or something...

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honeykbee said...

Hope it's a great one!